Why should a person or a business bother with peak performance coaching and taking the steps to move beyond the roadblocks preventing them for having their desired outcomes?


For a person who is stressed about work, life, school or other issues that life throws in our paths, reducing stress has many benefits.  Here are just a few:

  • A healthier heart – it improves your blood pressure and increases positive outlooks
  • Research has shown that it reduces aches and pains and illnesses
  • Improves your memory – a big plus for those facing exams
  • Cancer protection – stress interferes with our immune systems
  • Weight loss – studies have shown that chronically stressed people have much higher incidence of obesity
  • Improves happiness – stress robs a person of many things and at top of the list is happiness
  • Better sleep – stressed people have interrupted sleep patterns – this increases chances of obesity, and illnesses
  • Increased life span – probably no surprise given the benefits already listed above
  • A better outlook – a stressed person always sees the glass as half empty, not looking forward to the things in life that give their less stressed friends pleasure
  • Improved relationships – let’s face it who likes walking around on eggshells waiting for someone to blow up?

For someone who is overweight the benefits of releasing the weight are significant and mirror the benefits of stress reduction plus a few more, such as improved confidence and self esteem – jus think how that would drive better outcomes.

For the person who wants to be a non-smoker, again the benefits are many and again many mirror those already outlined.


For the individual the benefits seem all too obvious, but what are the benefits to the small to medium business owner?

The benefits from business coaching and mentoring have becoming increasingly apparent in recent years as organisations look at ways to gain a competitive edge over their competitors, or look to ways to improve the culture of their business and maximise the return on their most significant investment – their staff.

By engaging a coach and mentor, the business is subjected to another set of eyes – in Narelle’s case, a set of eyes that have been responsible for adding significant value to her clients businesses and assets over a corporate career that has spanned more than 25 years.  She brings the same passion for excellence and innovation to her small to medium business clients as she works with her clients to drive the bottom lines of their business.  A coach and mentor gives the business owner the opportunity and the space to step out of their day to day business life and take a look from a different perspective.