Why the rich never buy lottery tickets

I have been reading a very interesting book by S. Siebold “How Rich People Think” and in it he compares the “world class” or in other words the higher level thinkers with the “middle classes” – I describe these people as the thinkers largely in the lower levels of 1, 2 and maybe 3.

The World Class don’t rely on luck, hope that their fortunes will change, rather their mindset is such that they come from an abundant perspective believing that money is infinite and that they have the ability to make it. This is in stark contrast to the Level 1 thinkers especially who believe that scarcity is everywhere, and there is never enough.  I recently worked with a young married woman who referred to herself as living on “struggle Street” – OMG with that type of thinking was she ever going to rise above her present circumstances? Interestingly she worked in an environment where mediocrity was the order or the day – Hmmm… I wonder if the two might be related.

The overarching theme coming out of the book was that we can all become world class – we don’t need expensive educations, we don’t need to have been born with silver spoons in our mouths, we do need to move our thinking from scarcity, wanting to be entertained, expecting things to be done for us, to one where we are firmly in the drivers seat of our lives, see life as abundant, and money merely as energy which is limitless.

So the burning question is “what are you going to do”?