Where does time go

The year is slipping by – we are almost at Easter and this marks the end of Q1.

As I do every quarter, I reflect on where I have been, what I have achieved, what 90 day goals I have reached, which ones I didn’t. I then sit down and document the next 90 days.  And as I begin to reflect on the goals for the past quarter, I see that I have exceeded some, and not others.

I am regularly riding much further in my long ride than I set myself – so tick, very pleased with that.  Now time to step up another 25km by the end June, as well as making sure that the mid week rides hit the required length of 90 minutes each time.

Swimming was always likely to be an easy win – hit that one, so again time to step up the distance by 500m a long session and 250m in a short session.

Run not so good – the pain in the ankle has persisted, although is getting slowly better wiht each physio treatment.  Still not able to run for an hour though, so need to work on this in coming weeks.  Hoping the weather cools a little, as overheating is an issue on longer runs and this has been playing havoc more than the pain in my ankle.

On another front, I have several magazine articles to appear in the coming weeks and am excited about those.

And weight is coming down – I can definitely see a change in my shape and am excited to see myself continue to change