Personal Clients

Over the course of Narelle’s more than 20 years pursuing the latest thinking and developments in the field of personal development, she has developed a passion for working with clients in the following areas.

[accordion title=”Smoking Cessation”]Quit smoking in 1 hour – 90 minutes using Narelle’s Smoking Cessation Program.  Follow the easy pre-session steps for 14 days and you are ready to kick the habit once and for all when you experience the power of hypnosis.

If you are fed up with standing outside on the footpath, smelling so bad your friends and family don’t want to be near you, feeling out of control, then join my effective program now. The cost of the treatment will be recovered in just a few short weeks.  If you are serious about quitting, contact me now.[/accordion]
[accordion title=”Trauma or Post Traumatic Stress Disorder”]Narelle is a Master Practitioner of TimeLine Therapy ™ which is a proven and incredibly effective intervention assisting sufferers of PTSD. TimeLine Therapy enables clients to remove chains of emotions, known as Gestalts, rather than one at a time as in other forms of therapy. It releases the emotion at the root cause and this is why it works much more quickly than other interventions.  Only the negative emotion associated with the event is cleared, the memory of the event remains, but with no emotion attaching to it.

The key advantage of TimeLine Therapy ™ is that clients do something about the problem, rather than talk about it for weeks on end.[/accordion]
[accordion title=”Stress”]Stress occurs when you have insufficient resources to deal with demands placed on you.  Narelle helps clients build resilience and the ability to match their resources to the demands placed on them.

To find out how Narelle can help you, contact her now[/accordion]
[accordion title=”Confidence and Self Esteem Issues”]Narelle utilises a number of powerful techniques to assist clients remove the shackles that are holding them back.  She uses the power of TimeLine Therapy ™ and techniques taken from her vast knowledge of NeuroLinguistic Programming to help clients step forward and embrace the life they want.

Help is only a click away[/accordion]
[accordion title=”Sports Performance”]As an age group, back of the pack endurance athlete, and having overcome significant physical challenges to be able to compete, Narelle understands better than most, the role that mindset plays in sports performance.

Narelle is committed to helping clients be the best they can be on the day – whether this is a place on the podium, or simply being able to finish, the same principles apply.

To find out more about the options Narelle has, contact her now[/accordion]