Business Breakthrough package

Narelle has developed small to medium sized business specific programs that support business owners as they grow their businesses.  She brings her hard technical business skills blended with the soft skills to create insightful and outcome focussed programs that deliver results practically, affordably and sustainably.

She uses a four step framework which is tailored to suit the needs of the individual business owner – it is not a one size fits all – every business owner is unique and Narelle treats each one that way.

She uses diagnostic tools such as Instant Insights Business Communications Systems, Extended DISC, Values Pendulum Assessments and other frameworks which enable her to get to the issues quickly and effectively.

Her four step process involves:

  • Initial meeting – let’s get together and get to know each other. This allows the business owner to see if we are a fit for each other and how we will go forward.  This meeting is FREE to the business owner.
  • Fact Finding – before we dive in, we need to find out about the status of the business and the aspirations of the business owner. During this phase Narelle will spend time with the business owner and the leadership team to establish what the business goals are and what the business has done to support those goals.  Narelle also uses a Business Diagnostic Tool which identifies gaps in the business across a multitude of dimensions critical to business operations and growth.
  • Implementation – this is where the rubber hits the road and where the results are created – the actual approach taken depends on the nature of the business and the outworking of the Fact Finding
  • Evaluation – this is a phase of test and measure

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