My unconscious mind is at work

The week has not gone quite to plan.

I kicked it off going really well, with bike sessions and swim sessions longer than I had planned, so very pleased with that.  But wheels fell off on Wednesday and I was reminded that Ironman journeys for most of us who balance a number of other roles is not always plain sailing.  Missed ploanned 30 min run at lunchtime and was not too happy about it, as I find work environments that do not regard it necessary from either a well being or productivity sense to allow employees a break during the day to recharge batteries and do something to get out from behind the desk archaic and short sighted – enough of the rant!  Was to have a session with my mindset coach on Wednesday, but the wonderful train system had an issue, and all trains ground to a halt for up to an hour, so I didn’t get home in time for that, so reschedule.  Dinner ended up being take-away Chinese, and husband ordered a favourite – fried pork fillet with salt & pepper – as one of the dishes – definitely not what I should have eaten but the mindset by that time was “stuff it”, and the bottle of wine we shared enhanced that thought.

Here’s the interesting thing though – my unconscious mind realy went to work – I dreamed that night that I was at the race, in an apartment, and woke up too late to get to the race start and woke to find the fun run participants (not sure what a fun run was doing in middle of Ironman) were wandering up to their start.  Hmmm…. unconscious mind telling me that I am running out of time, and I can’t afford too many lapses like this?

No training yesterday lunch – I had planned that – but had planned to ride last night – but because of rescheduled coaching session, that went by the by.  So tonight bike is a must.

Not surprisingly, weight has remained constant this week, although I do feel that I have lost a little bulk, clothes definitely feel a little looser and I am happy with that.

All in all, an average week, and I am now moving onto the weekend, picking up where I left off, and back on the bike.