Make way for the new

Like most people this time I year, I find myself sitting down setting out what I want to achieve in 2015 and beyond.

Over the years, I have experienced some moment where I have kicked some big goals, and others such as the year past where the goals I kicked were not the ones I originally thought I would.  There were some I missed all together, and others that just seemed to come out of left field and if nothing else, this experience has reminded me of just how highly I rank Behavioural Flexibility in my list of values.

At the same time, I have been writing content for MindPoweredSports Performance membership site, and, if you believe in co-incidences, found myself writing about the quality of how we experience life is centred around our ability to embrace uncertainty. And, also having an incredible conversation with the very insightful Rachel Anastasi about the value I place on the ability to see more than one solution and to be able to dig into a grab bag of strategies to deal with life’s curve balls.

So all of this brings me to this year’s new blog theme, Beyond the Barriers and I am really looking forward to exploring this subject over the coming months. To kick off the year I have some thoughts on just what you can do right now to begin to create an amazing year.There are several keys to creating life on your terms, and there is one key that I believe is at the top of the list when it come to creating and manifesting an extraordinary year ahead.

It is to make sure there is no left over baggage from the past year or years in some cases that has found its way into 2015.

By baggage, I mean the whole gamut of possible items.

Let’s start with some basics:

  • Your wallet – is it full of other people’s business cards, receipts from things you have bought, store discount cards, photos, postage stamps, used bus tickets, notes, foreign coins, and other items?  If so, get rid of them.  Cluttering up your wallet or purse with things like this just clutters up your wallet, and more importantly, says a huge amount about how you view money.  Clean out the junk in your wallet, it is taking up room that could be filled with money.         What condition is your wallet or purse in?  Is it tatty and grubby – if so, replace it.
  • Your kitchen & bathroom cupboards – be honest, are they filled with things that expired ages ago, half used things, those little soaps etc that you took from the hotel you stayed at on your holidays but have not used,  bottles of “stuff” that you are never going to use but are hanging onto because someone gave them to you?  If you haven’t looked into the recesses of your cupboards recently then this is a must do, right now.  Again, this junk is taking up space and cluttering up your life.  Same applies to the plastic box cupboard or drawer – take the time to make sure you have lids for everything, if not, bin it.  Are there things that you have stashed away in the back of the cupboard that you will never use?  Bin them, re-gift them, donate them – doesn’t matter what you do with them, so long as you do something and that doesn’t mean just move them around.
  • Now the big one – the wardrobe – are there things in the wardrobe that you haven’t worn in 2014?  If so, my question to you is, why not?  I am not talking about those special items of clothing such as jackets that you wear in extreme weather – but what are they doing in your wardrobe and not packed away?   I am talking about items of clothing that maybe you bought at the sales last year, that maybe still even have price tags – seemed like a bargain at the time, but now you are asking yourself “what was I thinking”.     There is a reason things like that were “cheap”.  And there is only two ways for you to deal with them – bin, or donate, doesn’t matter which.  Ditto for things that are too big, too small, I might wear it one day….things.  That day will never arrive,so again bin or donate.
  • Other junk – how much junk is sitting around in the form of things you bought on-line or at a garage sale or things that you have just outgrown and are now taking up space in your garage or shed.  If it doesn’t work, can’t be fixed or fixed for a price that makes sense, or you no longer have any interest in snowboarding or whatever it is, then the same rules apply – bin it, council clean up, recycling centre, donate or maybe sell it. Do you have piles of toys the kids have grown out of? If they can be used, pass them onto someone who can use them, or if not, bin or council clean up.
  • Your car, too.  It is not a place to store shoes, old parking receipts, and other sundry items.  If it needs a wash, then get it washed, remove last year’s dirt and grime.
  • The last one – people.  Just as you clean out unserviceable items from your closet so you must do in your life.  If there are people in your life that are creating clutter and not adding value to your life, holding you back, maybe time to jettison them and begin to surround yourself with those who will support you – again, with the jettisoned ones gone, you are open to explore new and exciting horizons and relationships.

When you de-clutter your environment, and actively remove junk (in whatever form) from your life, you will notice subtle or maybe not so subtle changes in what is around you – all the new things that start to pop up.  Now here’s the thing, and I will leave you with this one:

Are they new or was all the noise and clutter in your life just making them hard to spot?  Hmmmm….