I’ll be back!

Well 2013 didn’t go quite according to the script I had written for my race. The swim conditions were the best I have ever seen at Busselton – smooth and calm – terrific.

Swim time wasn’t too bad – although with the conditions I had thought that I might have hit a personal best, but not quite.  Overall happy with the time which got me into transition well ahead of the clock, and while there were still plenty of people behind me. Even better was the significant improvement I made in my transition – no messing around, in and out and jumped onto the bike – almost – lost a minute or two as I checked out the drink bottle on my aerobars – as I ran out to the mount line, I could see a steady drip, drip, drip coming from the bottom of the flask…this was not what I wanted to see on my sports drink container with 180km to go!  Well, at that point, only thing I could do was get going, and see what happened, so I did.

Ride was a lot tougher than the conditions suggested.  There was wind, and yet the trees seemed still – how can that be?  There were clearly some tough windy bits as my splits show, only good news is that the pro’s and age group leaders also seemed to slow in the same spot, so phew! only difference is that their slow and my fast were about the same…room for improvement me thinks. With gritted teeth determined to make the bike cut-off, I was pedaling away, not necessarily enjoying myself as much as I had hoped, but hey, I was still in the hunt for the finisher’s medal, so one more pedal stroke.

That is until, bang! Next thing I knew I was coming to, with a Technical Official standing over me saying ambulance was on the way and my race was over.  Ouch, I started to realize I was no longer on my bike but flat on my back with a very sore head lying in the dirt on the side of the road. My bike was a bit further up the road. So all I can say is the best laid plans of mice and men…. but seriously, I am very lucky not to have sustained any broken bones, or worse a more serious head injury, and am very grateful for the assistance of the ambulance crew, the medical volunteers and the wonderful technical official. Needless to say, I have unfinished business out there on theIM accident course, so with that in mind, I have my entry into IMWA squared away, and I will be back to claim the medal in 2014.

The end of the road!