The detailed part of the HOW varies from client to client, whether an individual, a team or a small business – Narelle believes each is unique and develops specific programs for each one within her tried and tested frameworks.  She does not use a one size fits all approach.


When working with an individual, the information provided by the client during the pre-appointment phase, provides Narelle with the insight to develop specific solutions and techniques that will produce the best outcome for the client.

The techniques she uses include hypnotherapy and relaxation, techniques from NLP, Time Line Therapy TM, assessment tools such as Extended DISC and Values Pendulum and other coaching frameworks.  She takes the best and most appropriate tools from each of these and blends them to help clients make powerful transformations.

Her passion is working with clients who have experienced trauma in their lives, and who are ready to releast the emotion attached to these events, and move forward and live the live of their dreams.


The HOW starts with making sure that the business owner and Narelle are a good fit.

Once the two have decided they are a good fit for each other, Narelle follows the four step process to assist business owner to reach their desired outcomes.

Narelle brings a toolkit of techniques, analytic frameworks and assessment tools that enable her to quickly identify the areas where the most value can be added quickly.

She has embraced the views of Lee Iacocca who said: “In the end all business operations can be reduced to three words – people, product and profitability – and unless you have a great team, you can’t do much with the other two”.  And with this in mind, Narelle uses many of the skills she uses with her personal clients as a value add to the business owner – she has a unique ability to understand the numbers as well as understand what drives and motivates people.  This is her “secret” weapon.