How much are you leaving on the table?

This is not a new theme for me, but is one that I feel very strongly about .

I am saddened when I see businesses investing so much in their websites, and other marketing activities, and yet when a customer steps up and genuinely asks a question they go unanswered.

What do I mean, I hear you ask?

I am talking about websites that provide a page where customers or potential customers can make contact via a “contact us” screen.  The number of businesses that I have contracted via this method over the past year only to have zero answer has me flabbergasted.  My queries have been specific, clearly asking for further information, or in one case an indicative quote – I was a hot lead!  My latest was to a business that was promoting their expertise in copy writing – I had money in my pocket to spend but the silence has been deafening and I have taken my money elsewhere.

So my challenge to all business owners who include “contact us” screens that are linked to email – either monitor the incoming emails – make it someone’s job or remove the screen from your website.  Not having an online contact option is far better than not responding, it might make the initial contact a bit harder for the client, but it is better than being ignored.