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3 More Things Successful People Do

Again it doesn’t matter if we are talking about business situations, or personal or sporting contexts, there are some common themes that pop up.
As Anthony Robbins said once in a training I was at, “Success leaves clues”, so it makes sense to become a success sleuth and follow them. That is if we want the same results as successful people.

1. They Welcome Feedback

We all see what we want to see, especially when it comes to ourselves and our behavior. Successful people actively look for feedback – “the breakfast of champions” – and then take steps to implement the learning from this feedback.  They treat constructive feedback as a gift.

2. They Know They Don’t Have All The Answers

They have a curiosity – and a willingness to look at all angles, not just their own viewpoint.  They are comfortable knowing that they don’t need all the answers – just need to know who has the answers.  They don’t shut out others points of view.

3. They Take Calculated Risks

They are willing to take calculated risks – they trust their judgement.  This does not mean they leap headlong into ill-considered risks, but they weigh up the benefits and the downsides thoroughly and then make a decision.  The understand the worst case scenario and know whether or not they are prepared to live with that outcome should it occur.  They don’t procrastinate – they get on with things.

So where to from here? Sleuth and follow the clues on the road to success, or not?


3 Things Successful People Don’t Do

As I have been developing my Mind Powered Sports Performance program, I have been giving a lot of thought as to what the main differences are between those people who achieve their goals and those who don’t.  Doesn’t matter if we are talking about sport, or some other life aspect – the thread is the same one.

1. Successful People Don’t Sit on the Couch and Talk about Their Goals –  They Do Something

This sounds a little obvious, but it is a key – successful people take action. And lots of it – they do stuff!  Successful people know that their current activity determines their success tomorrow and beyond.  Sitting on the couch telling yourself (and others) that you want to achieve something, is not going to achieve anything.  I often hear people tell me they want to run in an event like City to Surf.  My response is “well that’s awesome.  Have you started running or training?”  The answer is often “no, but I’m going to start”.  Unfortunately, many don’t start – success requires you to do something and the bolder the action you take the greater the success is likely to be.

2. Successful People Don’t Indulge in Self-Pity

Successful people don’t dwell on how unfair life is or how they have bee mistreated. they take responsibility for their own actions and their own outcomes.  They understand that life may not always be fair (from their perspective), but they take instances where circumstances may be trying or challenging as learning experiences. They embrace these as opportunities to grow and learn and rather than indulge in “woe is me” thinking, they dust themselves off, and are off to the next thing.  They totally understand that they cannot change an event, but they can certainly change how the view it.

3.  They Don’t Waste Time Focusing on Things They Can’t Control

Steven Covey in 7 Habits of Highly Effective People talked about circles of influence and circles of concern.  Successful people understand the difference.  They don’t waste time complaining about things they can’t change – the weather, the traffic, airline departures – the understand these are usually beyond their control.  They also don’t spend time going over and over the same event or issue – they understand that the only thing that this will achieve is frustration, possibly increase their blood pressure – but it won’t change the situation.

So what are you doing or not doing?  Are your actions moving you towards your goals, or are you just treading water?  Remember, the old mantra – “if it is to be, its up to me”.


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Why the rich never buy lottery tickets

I have been reading a very interesting book by S. Siebold “How Rich People Think” and in it he compares the “world class” or in other words the higher level thinkers with the “middle classes” – I describe these people as the thinkers largely in the lower levels of 1, 2 and maybe 3.

The World Class don’t rely on luck, hope that their fortunes will change, rather their mindset is such that they come from an abundant perspective believing that money is infinite and that they have the ability to make it. This is in stark contrast to the Level 1 thinkers especially who believe that scarcity is everywhere, and there is never enough.  I recently worked with a young married woman who referred to herself as living on “struggle Street” – OMG with that type of thinking was she ever going to rise above her present circumstances? Interestingly she worked in an environment where mediocrity was the order or the day – Hmmm… I wonder if the two might be related.

The overarching theme coming out of the book was that we can all become world class – we don’t need expensive educations, we don’t need to have been born with silver spoons in our mouths, we do need to move our thinking from scarcity, wanting to be entertained, expecting things to be done for us, to one where we are firmly in the drivers seat of our lives, see life as abundant, and money merely as energy which is limitless.

So the burning question is “what are you going to do”?

2013 – Your Best Year Yet

We are now almost a full week into the New Year, and the questions I pose are “how is the year going so far?  Have you really written out your goals and a detailed plan of how you will achieve them? Or are you leaving it up to chance – leaving the driving to someone else hoping you get there?”

If you have written out your goals, congratulations.  Make sure that they are kept somewhere where you can see them, and even better still make sure that you have completed a Vision Board with images that reflect your goals – and why think small?  Old saying, if you shoot for the stars, you might miss them, but you will hit the moon.  Once your Vision Board is done, put it somewhere where you will see it daily – ideally somewhere up on your right – this places it so that it activates your Reticular Activation System, sending your unconscious mind into a search for clues and answers so it can deliver the outcome.

If you haven’t written out your goals – this is also a way of activating the Reticular Activation System – stop and make it a priority.  I recommend that you also then break your goals into 90 day plans – this way you can check in and see how you are travelling, make adjustments to your trajectory, and also notice how far you’ve come.  Add some celebrations into this plan – how will you celebrate the achievements alomg the way?

When you write your goals, make sure they are stated in the positive:  Avoid writing things like “I want to lose weight” – all this will do is set your unconscious mind on a quest to find it for you.  If you wants to release weight and weight less than you do now, the perhpas something like : “I am fit and healthy and I weigh x kg”.

Make sure that your goals also include goals around health – for without your health – other outcomes in your life are not as important – you need your health to achieve them, and you need your health to enjoy them.

Remember, you are the only person who can change your outcomes, so don’t delay – jump behind the wheel of your bus right now and enjoy the ride.

If you would like to receive a copy of my workbook on how to set your goals for the year and make this Your Best Year Yet jump onto the contacts page and message me.


Yes, I can!

Yes, I can – a small catchy headline in this month’s Prevention Australia jumped out at me.  Probably because it is exactly how I think – I am 100% obsolutely certain that I can chang my life to whatever I choose it to be.  However, this is not the purpose of this blog – this is not a rant about me – what caught my eye was the statements in the article, and how they were a perfect dovetail into the last blog I posted about choices people make – either to wait for a “break” or to jump behind their wheel of their lives.

The article goes on to talk about how a key to a healthier life, a “can do” attitude is someting that is a must have on your key chain.  According to the article, the Melbourne Institute of Applied Economic and Social Research study found that of more than 7000 people, the ones who believed that they had the ability to change their own lives, ate healthier, exercised more, smoked less and avoided binge drinking rather than those who believed in “luck” who were found to eat less well, smoke and drink more and exercised less.

Hmmm, food for thought.

PS  I am thrilled to have my comments about Bucket List published check out Prevention Australia Feb 2013 issue.


I have just finished reading Think and Grow Rich, the 1937 version, written by Napoleon Hill.  This is a must read for anyone who is committed to success in whatever endeavour they choose.  Even though his words were written 75 years ago, and some of the English expression seems quaint, the message is timeless.

His words throughout the book have been ringing truths for me at every page turn, but there was one innocuous sentence that lept off the page at me, and took me back to the home in which I grew up  and this really made me think about my life and the choices I have made versus those that I saw (and continue to see) being made by my parents – in particular my mother.

Many people believe that material success is the result of favourable “breaks””.  When Napoleon Hill wrote these words, I swear he must have met my mother.  This is the thinking that has dominated my mother’s life and her explanation for the outcomes (or lack of) that she has experienced in her life.  It has been a life lived based on comparison with others.  The idea that perhaps outcomes (and material possessions) of others might be due to more than “breaks” and may even be due to actions they have taken is a foreign concept – to anyone who looks at life through an externally focussed lens.

This blog is not being written as a criticism of my mother, but from a postion where I have taken the learnings from this type of environment and the behaviours I have experienced first hand where I regard them as an incredible gift.  Without having experienced this type of thinking, I would not be in a position I am now – one where I know I have received absolute gold.

The reason I believe exposure to this type of thinking is gold, is because I choose to focus on the abundance in my life and everyday an reminded more and more of just how bountiful my life has been and continues to be.  I have traded a scarcity and lack focussed mentality for one where I see abundance around me.  I have traded a childhood of saving brown paper and bits of string, not being able to tear wrapping off presents because you have to save the paper and reuse it (ultimate fear here was that you reused the paper and gave it back to the person who gave it to you in the first place!) and other habits steeped in Level 1 poverty, survival thinking.  I now tear the wrapping from presents, knowing that I have more than enough wrapping paper to go around.

Understanding the Level 1 – survival level of thinking, and taking positive action to move from it is incredibly liberating nd the lessons in moving from lack thinking to abundance thinking has shown me just what it takes to be successful.  Lack thinking can never rsult in success.  All it can result in is unhappiness, discontent and jealousy and resentment.  I choose success and take responsibility to make it happen.  I desire it, I demand it and I demand it of myself.

Unlike my mother, and those with Level 1 thinking, I have a burning desire to give value to my clients and my family and a burning desire for success.  I realise that it is not going to just turn up – I have to take action – the likelihood of “luck” turning up and dropping a fortune into my lap is extremely remote.

I have a plan – a detailed plan of action based on the wonderful work of the sensational Alice Haemmerle – I can’t thank Alice enough for the gifts that she brings to each room she enters.  My 2013 action pan has some seriously BHAG (Big Hairy Audacious Goals) firmly embedded in them.  My vision board has some extraordinary items on it – well beyond my present means but ones which I know I will achieve.  Maybe not all in 2013, but who knows??? Again shoot for the stars and you might not get the stars but you will reach the moon.

I have closed my mind to negative thoughts and discouraging influences – they just roll off, if I hear them at all – this is a muscle that I am flexing daily as I encounter beige people – I can do whatever I choose, so I am not listening to those who choose not to share my dreams for whatever reason – it is my dream and that’s fine – I accept that it is an idividual’s choice to play on the field of life, or just sit wishing on the sidelines – I am fortunate that I am surrounded by a group of supportive friends and acquaintances who believe anything is possible – and it is!  Their enthusiasm for life, and the journey they are on is a perfect antedote to the beigeness I encounter amongst some of the people I encounter in my daily life or at least Monday – Friday. At effect people, people who live to lay blame anywhere but themselves, playing it safe and not making a decision – these people aren’t even on the sidelines – they are in the back row of the bleechers – success is not something they desire – unless they get a “break” – perhaps this is why they tolerate the environments and mundane jobs they do.

As Napoleon Hill so eloquently puts it – there are 4 keys to success in whatever we do – and we can choose to put them on our keyring, or we can choose to think like my mother and believe that they only turn up for other people.

I wonder how different my mother’s life and those like her (for she is not alone – entitlement thinking, and lack thinking is more common than abundant thinking) if they took off the lens of lack and scarcity and stepped into their own power, took the reigns of their lives and focussed on the abundance instead – I wonder what new and different things they would see.  I wonder how their thinking would change and what outcomes they would get if they too accepted that they are 100% responsible for the outcomes they get and that the “break” they are looking for has actually been inside them all along.

Are you ready?

Ladies and gentlemen Start Your Engines!

It’s time to jump behind the wheel of your life and power into 2013.

How were the results in 2012?  What did you achieve, and what were you grateful for.  Before you sit down to write your goals for the coming year, take some time out to think about all the abundance you have had in your life in the past year.  Think about the little things, the not so little things, and take the time to write them down.

What are you grateful in your health?

What are you grateful for in relationships?  Did you start a great relationship? or end one that was not serving you?  Who did you meet?  What about family?

What great experiences did you have? Did you travel?

What about things people did for you?

List them out.

By doing this exercise before you start thinking and planning for an amazing 2013, you are moving to an attitude of gratitude – an abundant mindset.  When we stop focussing on the lack in our lives and start focussing on the wealth and abundance that surrounds us, amazing quantum ripples start to move and you might be surprised what turns up in your life when you move your focus from lack to abundance.

Remember – we get what we focus on to the exclusion of all else, so why waste time looking in the rear view mirror, focussing on the past, why waste time focussing on all the things we don’t have – because when we do, guess what we get more of!

So if you are still in the backseat or the passenger seat – jump into the driver’s seat – do this exercise and then turn your attention to the road ahead – and if you want even more horsepower and want to supercharge your 2013, check out have a wonderful 2013 and enjoy the ride.

PS If you seriously want to turbo charge your life, contact me for your special offer – I have a special offer to kick start the year on Peak Performance Packages, but they are limited to anyone who is really serious about kick starting their year.



Age is only a number

Recently I was watching the last couple of hours of the Ironman World Championships being streamed live from Kona – by the time I switched on there was around 15 hours on the clock. I suppose being a back of the pack Ironman finisher, this is my end of the race, I get what being out on the course for that long means.

I wouldn’t trade my back of the pack experiences for a faster time because for me it is in the back of the pack that the magic happens.  Does this mean I wouldn’t like to be able to go faster, definitely not, I would love it if my body would go faster, but it doesn’t.  Does this mean that I think less of those athletes who win the event, or who post faster time, definitely not – they are heroes too.  Whether it is the guy who wins or the one who is last, the all cover the same distance and they all give every ounce of themselves out there on the course.

But this is not what I found to be the most inspirational aspect of this year’s race. What inspired me was the number of athletes who were over 60 and who were finishers of the toughest day in sport. Indeed, the number who were over 70 was amazing – at an age when many of their contemporaries have given up and “retired” from life, embraced illness and age, these outstanding examples of what is possible are out there having a go.  The oldest female finisher was also the last finisher – at somewhere between 75 – 79, she came across the finish line with 20 seconds to spare.

As I watched this, I thought of another 70 year old who had me in fits when he was talking about age and the limits of age are self imposed.  His presentation was entitled “and today I went to Aldi” – but how true is it? Just because we retire from the workforce, and who says we have to, does not mean we retire from life and make going to Aldi the highlight of our day.  It does not mean we stop learning, does not mean we stop treating our bodies like that of Kings and Queens and does not mean we have to experience illness – we can choose to choose to be fit and healthy well into our later years – the secret is choosing health and vitality on a daily basis now – one day at a time.  Eating like Kings and Queens, not slaves, not eating junk and left overs, not eating food with poor nutritional value, holding ourselves to a higher standard, and being worthy of health.

I know what I would rather be doing when I am in my late 70’s, and it is certainly not sitting around comparing illnesses at the local bingo hall.  How about you?