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Baby Steps

It has been a good few days of training – not massive progress, but small steps with the total volume increasing by around 5% – bike is up to 52 km and swims at 2000, run is the only drawback – but I have increased distance over 30 min – and by end of month have set target at 5km running – leg doesn’t feel too bad and now that I know my shoes are fine and orthotics in good condition, I am more confident.

Weight has been coming off slowly and I can notice a change even though scales not showing massive drops.  Weekly drops of around 400g – not what I wanted, but every bit gone is good, and gives me the incentive to keep pushing on.

One thing I am relearning is that I need to be flexible with training – there are days when I need to swap sessions around to make it work, and this is what I did during my previous successful campaigns, so just need to tap into that and remember.

At the end of the day it is having one eye frimly focussed on the end goals, the big why, that keeps me moving forward.




Time Flies When You Are Having Fun

Can’t believe it is Friday afternoon – albeit stormy one.

the week has been a very positive one with a couple of pb’s ticked – I have started the pb clock going again – couple of milestones achieved that I haven’t hit for more than a year so very happy.  Have completed two walk/runs this week that have hit target distance, and are the furthest I have been in 30 mins for more than a year, so I am confident that my fitness is coming back tiny bit by tiny bit.

Smashed the bike target on Monday but have felt it in the legs this week a bit, so sessions at night, have been a little shorter than I had planned, but I suspect the target was a bit optimistic.

Swim sessions as well have hit the mark – looking to shave about 2 mins off my 1000km time.  Suspect I lose a little time training in 25m pool, but not enough to account for 2 mins, so more work to do in pool.

Taking the night off tonight to give the body a bit of a rest, and looking forward to longer training sessions on the weekend.

Also lightest I have been for some time – certainly since December, so happy with that and incentivised to keep going.  Experimenting with food combinations during the day and have cut the skim milk coffee back to black and feelin a lot better for it.  Water in take up, so feeling very much in control and like an athlete.  May not fit the average person’s picture of one just yet, but my unconscious mind sees me as such, so behaviours follow – becomes a self fulfilling prophecy.

Can’t wait to get on that plane to Perth on 6 December, make myself comfy in a business class seat and soak up the experience of becoming an Ironman yet again.

First Swim – Tick

First ocean swim of the year done and dusted.  No photos taken at the event, so nothing to post on that front.

Harbour swim with sister, Anne.  Only 750m but long enough in the conditions.  Very choppy compared to past year’s swim, but good experience.  Had a lot of trouble sighting the turning bouys so went a fair bit off course and ended up with a time of 23 something which is 4 minutes off previous year – but with extra distance probably on par.

It felt good to be out competing again with someone – I find getting motivated to go by myself with no-one to share a bit of a downer, so prefer to stay away and just train by myself.

Plans for Sunday morning training of a run in the park went by the by as the rain was falling too heavily to plod around the park in, so plan b – off to the pool.  Put in a respectable 1600 so happy with that and felt good afterwards.  Started to feel a little like an athlete, although realise at this point, probably don’t look like one.

Rain is persisting again today, so good chance to hop on bike and knock out 40km as target distance today.

Was great to have Anne here and start thinking and talking about the year ahead and discuss what other events we could participate in to help our goals take shape.

Small steps

The past couple of weeks have really been a blur – a blur of activity but not much in the training area and I am starting to feel guilty.

On the weight front, I am down about 2kg since the beginning of the year – so still a long way to go, but I have set a realistic goal for end of February of breaking 100kg – doesn’t matter by how much, just back into double digits again.

This week has seen me challenge my body and my mind around why the shin on my right leg is so sore – is it really a shin splint or is it a fear of moving forward and is it my mind creating something that prevents me from training (in my mind) and gives me the excuse for not being as far along the journey as I had planned. Is it a convenient excuse that my unconscious mind has cooked up so that when my sister, Anne, arrives and sees that I have not lost all that much weight, I have an excuse…..Interesting outcome is that when I challenged my body in the gym yesterday trying out a walk/run session for 30 minutes, I found that I was able to run for short 30 – 60 sec intervals at a much faster pace than I have for more than a year.  The session ended with me covering the furthest distance I had all year in 30 mins.  I know now that I have a pace I want to aim for during February and have set myself the target of a total run session – no walks by the end of February and push it out to 1 hour by the end of the month.

By doing this, and keeping up the bike which I am now up to 1 hour on, I am continuing to move closer to my goal of another Ironman finishers medal.

The short term feel good of a glass of wine or some food, sitting on the couch and watching tv is just that.  I know this is going to be the hardest part, getting an immobile object moving but once I break the inertia, and get momentum, I know I will succeed. Getting out of bed to train is proving the big challenge at present,my body wants the sleep – or thinks it does.  It will take being more organised, using my time more effectively and having a clear vision for my business as well.  Less time dilly dallying around on things that don’t take me closer to my business outcome, and more time doing what matters.

Looking forward to the swim in the Harbour on the weekend – it will be a good test of fitness and swim standard at present.

Ups and Downs

It has been a week of ups and down’s and learnings – the big learning is that training sessions need to be done early in the day to avoid life just simply getting in the way. For me, this is going to take a shift in mindset – away from the mindset that I need to sleep in the mornings and towards ones where I ambrace the early morning.

It is clear I need to make this a habit – part of the rituals in my life – very much back to Level 1 thinking – making sure the rituals are firmly established.

An example of derailing occurred last Friday night – I thought I would be home alone, so had planned to ride my bike and put in a good 40km ride, then eat the sushi I had purchased on the way homw.  Got home to find husband at home, so ended up ordering pizza which ended up in the bin – that’s a whole different story – unfortunately husband has tendency to be ” at effect” and blame others and take his frustrations out on others rather than take responsibility, so in turn I allowed this to impact my mindset – I am getting better at ignoring the outbursts and intellectually see them for what they are, but at the time I am still challenged by them.  Up shot was I didn’t ride y bike – sat and watched tv instead. This tells me I still have work to do on my own mind strength – there was o reason why I could not have ridden while he effectively “sulked” in his study.  A very valuable lesson, and one that I know I can learn – training is a priority – trianing is “me” time and training strengthens me – I can’t change anyone else, but I can change me.

In fact I am the only one who can change me and that feels pretty dam good.

2013 – A New Year Dawns

Well we are now into 2013, so time to get serious.

I have a plan mapped out, for weight loss and also fitness goals that are timed to have me ready for Ironman WA on 8 December 2013.

I was delighted to find a program in a Pink edition of a Triathlete magazine, and reading it, it makes sense – it is doable – and it is a 20 week program that I know I will be more than ready to start by mid July which is the 20 week mark.  I congratulate the person who put it together as they realise that women particularly usually have a lot of moving pieces in their lives. Whilst I don’t have children to consider, I have a full time senior role, I am building a business that I intend becomes a replacement for the full time role in the next year, I have a commute to work of around 1.5 – 2 hours a day – and am grateful for the 35 mins or so each way that I can use for doing catchup things for my business (thank you technology) – the rest of the time is not productive, driving, standing around waiting for trains etc.  The need to prioritise my time this year will be a critical success factor for me.  Staying off Facebook and using it only as a vehilce to stay in touch with key people in my life, market my business and keep up to date with events only.  Learning to multitask while doing dinner and finding quick tasty nutritious meals my husband can and will eat eat is also a priority.

All in all, it will be a year of compromises, juggling but a year of enormous growth and wonderful challenge.

Bring it onl

A new day dawns…

The past few days have been a food meltdown – all the things I love – seafood, cheesecake, nibbles, french champagne – and it has been abundant.

But it has been interesting to notice that all that excess wore off after a while – sort of got over it – so today marked the new beginning and the long journey to Ironman.  Realized that the amount of food consumed in past few days had probably sent the scales north again, so in denial and not hopping on – just deciding to get back on the right eating track from here on in.

First exercise session in the bag as well, but rather than try to run and put my body through the strain, I took an hours walk, tested out the Garman, and now have an hour’s benchmark on which to build.  4.96km is the number to beat – need to bring this up to somewhere around 8 – 9 by the end of the year.  Only one challenge is to get the report on the activity download page to go to kilometres rather than miles – need to spend a bit more time on that task.

Bike tomorrow and maybe a short walk.

A benchmark…

Today I put a line in the sand so to speak, setting the base line for run training.  Thought I would head out to see how I went on a 5km run – haven’t hit the road for ages and ages, only treadmills in gym.  Planned to run as far as I could and then walk run, and use the time as a benchmark against which I can measure progress and also benchmark for increasing distance once I can knock off the 5km comfortably.

Was absolutely shocked at level of fitness and how soon the walk/run kicked in.  But I have a starting point for measurement going forward.  I didn’t give up and take the turn home, I went the full circuit and toughed out.

I am not overly happy with the time or the amount of walking I needed to do – talk about back to basics, walk one lamp post, run two – but it is a start and a humbling one at that.

Note to self…

Note to self..

Get your training session over and done with at the start of the day.  Not a new concept, but one which is taking a bit of time to get my head around again.  For some reason, I have moved from being a morning training person, so an evening trainer – whole lot wrong with this and something I need to work on.

This week hs been one of those weeks where lunch hours didn’t materialise, not through any fault of mine, but rather I presently serve a client that does not place a high value on the need for staff or service providers to take a break out of their day, consequently I found this week, best intentions of getting out of the office for lunch and a workout, just didn’t happen.  This is nothing new, and isn’t going to change, my client is not going to change its culture or attitudes, so I need to rethink training strategies and treat any that occur at lunchtime as a bonus – lunch sessions can not be a core part of the regime if I am going to achieve my goals.

This really brings me to a critical success factor, and one which I constantly bring to the attention of my coaching clients.  We can choose to be at the cause of what happens to us and in the driver’s seat of our lives, or we can hand control to someone else, be on their agenda, and end up whereever they take us.  Becoming a successful Ironman and marathon finisher requires me to put myself in the driver’s seat and take control. This in turns means taking control of training and not leaving it up to the chance that I might be able to get out of the office.  By training before I get to the office, I own the time and I am in charge.

Lessons learned this week – so the secret is now to use those lessons and grow beyond them.


Narelle’s Ironman Journey

This a diary of my journey from being overweight and very unfit to an Ironman finisher in December 2013.  It is my intention to once again come down the finisher’s chute at Busselton and add another finisher’s medal to the shelf.  I know this will be a long journey, and I have no doubt one where there will be ups and downs and it is my intention to chronicle these – for better or worse.

The campaign has a year almost to run, so I have no illusions about the challenges ahead but the year is off to a great start.  I have been interviewed for an upcoming book on marathon running and am looking forward to see how that plays out – I am hoping it becomes the cornerstone of a speaking topic that I can use to engage audiences on the subjects about motivation, success principals, and plain old tenacity.