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Make way for the new

Like most people this time I year, I find myself sitting down setting out what I want to achieve in 2015 and beyond.

Over the years, I have experienced some moment where I have kicked some big goals, and others such as the year past where the goals I kicked were not the ones I originally thought I would.  There were some I missed all together, and others that just seemed to come out of left field and if nothing else, this experience has reminded me of just how highly I rank Behavioural Flexibility in my list of values.

At the same time, I have been writing content for MindPoweredSports Performance membership site, and, if you believe in co-incidences, found myself writing about the quality of how we experience life is centred around our ability to embrace uncertainty. And, also having an incredible conversation with the very insightful Rachel Anastasi about the value I place on the ability to see more than one solution and to be able to dig into a grab bag of strategies to deal with life’s curve balls.

So all of this brings me to this year’s new blog theme, Beyond the Barriers and I am really looking forward to exploring this subject over the coming months. To kick off the year I have some thoughts on just what you can do right now to begin to create an amazing year. Read More→