Are you ready?

Ladies and gentlemen Start Your Engines!

It’s time to jump behind the wheel of your life and power into 2013.

How were the results in 2012?  What did you achieve, and what were you grateful for.  Before you sit down to write your goals for the coming year, take some time out to think about all the abundance you have had in your life in the past year.  Think about the little things, the not so little things, and take the time to write them down.

What are you grateful in your health?

What are you grateful for in relationships?  Did you start a great relationship? or end one that was not serving you?  Who did you meet?  What about family?

What great experiences did you have? Did you travel?

What about things people did for you?

List them out.

By doing this exercise before you start thinking and planning for an amazing 2013, you are moving to an attitude of gratitude – an abundant mindset.  When we stop focussing on the lack in our lives and start focussing on the wealth and abundance that surrounds us, amazing quantum ripples start to move and you might be surprised what turns up in your life when you move your focus from lack to abundance.

Remember – we get what we focus on to the exclusion of all else, so why waste time looking in the rear view mirror, focussing on the past, why waste time focussing on all the things we don’t have – because when we do, guess what we get more of!

So if you are still in the backseat or the passenger seat – jump into the driver’s seat – do this exercise and then turn your attention to the road ahead – and if you want even more horsepower and want to supercharge your 2013, check out have a wonderful 2013 and enjoy the ride.

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