Absolutely marvellous!

Cause for celebration – for the first time in months and months I was able to run on the treadmill for 30 mins non-stop.  Covered a reasonable distance, that if I could replicate that pace for the length of a marathon would cone home well ahead of cut-offs so quite pleased.  Focus now will be to push out distance rather than focus on speed.

Ankle has held up, a little niggly but nothing like it has been in the past.  I am quietly confident that it is improving with the manipulation of the physio, and hoping that by time rolls around for appointment with sports physician, I am feeling good enough to be able to cancel it.

It is the weekend again, and this brings with it the need to balance relaxation, household chores, getting the hair fixed, attending to my business and training.  It is a juggling exercise, the corporate environment is not as aligned with health and fitness as I have experienced in previous Ironman campaigns and this adds to the juggling act.  I can see  a lot of split sessions coming on, especially around runs.

Bike kms are increasing steadily, and was absolutely delighted that I was able to tough out 3 hours last weekend.  Now the focus is to hold that time and increase power and distance until I am able to bring distance close to 90kms for that time.

Even more great news, my weight is now lowest it has been for almost two years and already I can notice a change in my body shape, and I feel great – still a long way to go, but every gm lost is a victory.