3 Things Successful People Don’t Do

As I have been developing my Mind Powered Sports Performance program, I have been giving a lot of thought as to what the main differences are between those people who achieve their goals and those who don’t.  Doesn’t matter if we are talking about sport, or some other life aspect – the thread is the same one.

1. Successful People Don’t Sit on the Couch and Talk about Their Goals –  They Do Something

This sounds a little obvious, but it is a key – successful people take action. And lots of it – they do stuff!  Successful people know that their current activity determines their success tomorrow and beyond.  Sitting on the couch telling yourself (and others) that you want to achieve something, is not going to achieve anything.  I often hear people tell me they want to run in an event like City to Surf.  My response is “well that’s awesome.  Have you started running or training?”  The answer is often “no, but I’m going to start”.  Unfortunately, many don’t start – success requires you to do something and the bolder the action you take the greater the success is likely to be.

2. Successful People Don’t Indulge in Self-Pity

Successful people don’t dwell on how unfair life is or how they have bee mistreated. they take responsibility for their own actions and their own outcomes.  They understand that life may not always be fair (from their perspective), but they take instances where circumstances may be trying or challenging as learning experiences. They embrace these as opportunities to grow and learn and rather than indulge in “woe is me” thinking, they dust themselves off, and are off to the next thing.  They totally understand that they cannot change an event, but they can certainly change how the view it.

3.  They Don’t Waste Time Focusing on Things They Can’t Control

Steven Covey in 7 Habits of Highly Effective People talked about circles of influence and circles of concern.  Successful people understand the difference.  They don’t waste time complaining about things they can’t change – the weather, the traffic, airline departures – the understand these are usually beyond their control.  They also don’t spend time going over and over the same event or issue – they understand that the only thing that this will achieve is frustration, possibly increase their blood pressure – but it won’t change the situation.

So what are you doing or not doing?  Are your actions moving you towards your goals, or are you just treading water?  Remember, the old mantra – “if it is to be, its up to me”.