3 More Things Successful People Do

Again it doesn’t matter if we are talking about business situations, or personal or sporting contexts, there are some common themes that pop up.
As Anthony Robbins said once in a training I was at, “Success leaves clues”, so it makes sense to become a success sleuth and follow them. That is if we want the same results as successful people.

1. They Welcome Feedback

We all see what we want to see, especially when it comes to ourselves and our behavior. Successful people actively look for feedback – “the breakfast of champions” – and then take steps to implement the learning from this feedback.  They treat constructive feedback as a gift.

2. They Know They Don’t Have All The Answers

They have a curiosity – and a willingness to look at all angles, not just their own viewpoint.  They are comfortable knowing that they don’t need all the answers – just need to know who has the answers.  They don’t shut out others points of view.

3. They Take Calculated Risks

They are willing to take calculated risks – they trust their judgement.  This does not mean they leap headlong into ill-considered risks, but they weigh up the benefits and the downsides thoroughly and then make a decision.  The understand the worst case scenario and know whether or not they are prepared to live with that outcome should it occur.  They don’t procrastinate – they get on with things.

So where to from here? Sleuth and follow the clues on the road to success, or not?