2013 – Your Best Year Yet

We are now almost a full week into the New Year, and the questions I pose are “how is the year going so far?  Have you really written out your goals and a detailed plan of how you will achieve them? Or are you leaving it up to chance – leaving the driving to someone else hoping you get there?”

If you have written out your goals, congratulations.  Make sure that they are kept somewhere where you can see them, and even better still make sure that you have completed a Vision Board with images that reflect your goals – and why think small?  Old saying, if you shoot for the stars, you might miss them, but you will hit the moon.  Once your Vision Board is done, put it somewhere where you will see it daily – ideally somewhere up on your right – this places it so that it activates your Reticular Activation System, sending your unconscious mind into a search for clues and answers so it can deliver the outcome.

If you haven’t written out your goals – this is also a way of activating the Reticular Activation System – stop and make it a priority.  I recommend that you also then break your goals into 90 day plans – this way you can check in and see how you are travelling, make adjustments to your trajectory, and also notice how far you’ve come.  Add some celebrations into this plan – how will you celebrate the achievements alomg the way?

When you write your goals, make sure they are stated in the positive:  Avoid writing things like “I want to lose weight” – all this will do is set your unconscious mind on a quest to find it for you.  If you wants to release weight and weight less than you do now, the perhpas something like : “I am fit and healthy and I weigh x kg”.

Make sure that your goals also include goals around health – for without your health – other outcomes in your life are not as important – you need your health to achieve them, and you need your health to enjoy them.

Remember, you are the only person who can change your outcomes, so don’t delay – jump behind the wheel of your bus right now and enjoy the ride.

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