Picture Them Naked - B ook CoverNarelle Lee – author in Picture Them Naked; everything you ever wanted to know about presenting and public speaking and were afraid to ask

Narelle is one of the real people who love to speak and is sharing her secrets in “Picture Them Naked; everything you ever wanted to know about presenting and public speaking and were afraid to ask”. The book is a conversation about public speaking and presentation skills with those who do it best – real people who speak for a living, including public speakers, presenters and trainers across industry sectors.

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NaNow We're Talkingrelle Lee – author in Now We’re Talking, Health for Mature Women

Narelle is a featured author in “Now We’re Talking – Health for Mature Women”.

This easy read presents experts in their fields to help women make the most of what can be the best years of their lives.

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FinancialFreedomExplained_BookCoverNarelle Lee – author in Financial Freedom Explained

Narelle is a featured author in “Financial Freedom Explained”.

Written in practical, jargon-free language, chapters include 100 Tips For Saving Money And Getting Financially Fit, How To Pay Off Your Mortgage 10 Years Sooner, Financial Freedom And Network Marketing, and tips on Aligning Your Money Mindset With Your Personal Goals

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How We Can Help You Overcome Roadblocks

In our busy 21st century western world we often face increased pressure and demands. It might be in our business, our career, school or uni, or just “stuff” in our personal lives.

From time to time, we find ourselves encountering roadblocks that get between us and where we want to be; we find ourselves developing habits that on the surface may seem like they help us manage the pressure of our personal environments, our work or our businesses environments, but they are really harming us or stopping us living the life of our dreams.

We all need to rebalance from time to time, refocus and re-centre in order to make great decisions about the issues that face us.  When we rebalance and refocus, we often see that the habits or the strategies we have been using do not serve us, and it is then that we begin to make the changes necessary for us to reach our pictures of success.  This is where I come in.  I show you how to take the handbrake off and move forward.

About Narelle Lee

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Narelle has worked with leading Australian companies for more than 20 years in a variety of senior roles.  Whilst each role has been different, one thing has remained constant and that is her passion for delivering value add for her clients through innovative strategies and “out of the box” thinking. Narelle founded The Performance Masters in 2010 to harness the learnings from her extensive corporate career to assist individuals and teams succeed as well as assisting small to medium business owners build on their strengths, to concentrate on where they excel so they focus on their future successes. More about Narelle.